“Great recruitment helps organisations succeed and improves people's lives.”

David O’Hara, Director

Here’s what connecttm are doing to improve recruitment:


Think how technology has transformed your industry. Now ask yourself, “Has the internet improved recruitment?” Check your inbox; you might find that the digital revolution has only enabled bad recruiters to throw CVs at employers quicker and more often.

There is a better way. connecttm uses cutting-edge video technology and advanced behavioural analysis to transform business processes, match people to cultures better and reduce the risk of poor hires and career mistakes.


Our user-centric process is designed to improve both the employer experience and the jobseeker journey. We help employers to conduct recruitment campaigns that are more objective, collaborative and efficient and help jobseekers to be seen by more decision makers, gain greater control over how they are presented and waste less time.

Employer Experience
Jobseeker Development


Do you surf the job boards every night? Do you read all the vacancies that land in your inbox? No, we didn’t think so, and that’s all the proof that you need to realise that advertising alone does not reach the whole talent pool.

Our pro-active talent sourcing model builds long-term relationships. The process turns strangers into friends and friends into partners. That’s why our jobseekers often become clients, and our clients turn to connecttm when they are looking for career advice.