“We have never needed to refund a placement fee. That says it all.”

David O’Hara, Director


When it comes to recruitment, it’s discovering what is needed that makes the difference.

connecttm are skilled, professional recruitment consultants motivated by helping employers to achieve their targets and find the right candidates for their organisation.

We are well-connected and experienced within our field; as a result we produce working relationships that last.


We use cutting-edge video technology and advanced behavioural analysis to match people to organisations, reducing the risk of poor hires and career mistakes.

The connecttm process includes full candidate screening by using the online McQuaig profiling tool, comparing candidates by their cultural fit and their real personality, rather than their interview performance.


We work in partnership with employers to conduct recruitment campaigns that are objective and efficient.

Stakeholders can have an input into profiling the ideal personality and can see shortlisted candidates from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Through these collaborative sourcing methods, the employees we place frequently work for companies on a long-term basis.

Our Services

We help organisations succeed by filling their business-critical roles. Our services include:

Retained Search
Our flagship model encompasses vacancy profiling, McQuaig behavioural profiling, online multimedia candidate presentations and unique guarantees of success.

Fixed Cost
The Fixed Cost programme is the perfect solution when searching for hard to find, in-demand candidates or when budgets are tight. Ask how you can recruit for free with “opportunistic placements”.

Hire consultants with lower fees, engage interim managers for short-term programmes or bring in complete project teams and get things done in double-quick time.

Market Research and Engagement
Dip your toe into the talent pool to find out how your employment proposition compares to your closest competitors and discover the perception of your brand in the market. Add availability of talent to your due-diligence when expanding into new territories and markets. Engage with top-performers to fill talent pipelines and improve succession planning.