“It’s easy to be motivated when you care about the end result.”

David O’Hara, Director

Established in 2001, we are a professional and specialised agency, focused on a small number of high-quality clients whom we develop long-lasting relationships with. We focus on placing leadership roles in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, CRO and Medical Device sectors, and Digital and programme management roles in cross-functional IT & IS teams.

Our size allows us to be adaptable yet personalised in our approach to our clients. We are vibrant, honest, ethical, growing quickly and have a dedicated team of dedicated and knowledgeable recruitment professionals who are specialists in their fields.

We make a sincere promise to you that we will spend the time to understand your business, your needs, and your recruitment goals. We operate with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Our Team

David O'Hara

David’s McQuaig profile describes him as a generalist, who is goal oriented, logical, reliable and strong-minded.

He is:

  • Self-reliant, resolute and determined
  • Comfortable pioneering solutions and overcoming obstacles
  • Optimistic, trusting and shows confidence in situations involving others
  • Can adjust to change and is quick to respond to new situations

However, people with David’s profile:

  • May pressure themselves and others to get results too quickly
  • Do not like detail and can become frustrated if it takes too much time
  • Like people around them and prefer not to work alone

David’s favourite recruitment story

“We were requested by a client, that was based in the UK, to find a Spanish speaking regulator with experience of the South American market. After a bit of creative thinking and a small bit of luck we managed to find a Costa Rican regulator that spoke English and also had a German passport. After multiple Skype calls, interview prepping and showing the candidate and her husband round London, we successfully placed her at the client, where she is still working six years later.”

Carey Gee

Carey’s McQuaig profile describes her as a cooperator, who is task-orientated, logical, reliable, conscientious and detail-minded.

She is:

  • Prepared for contingencies, reliable, establishes routines and works well with systems
  • Calm under pressure, able and dependable and is likely to be a steadying influence on others
  • Adapts well to situations where she can check details, with emphasis on quality of work

However, people with Carey’s profile:

  • Prefer to do the work themselves rather than delegating
  • Do not proactively seek to change things, but work well under pressure, meeting deadlines
  • Like people around them and prefer not to work alone

Carey’s favourite recruitment story

“A good friend, who was looking to return to work after having had a career break, asked for my help in rewriting her CV. She applied for a senior executive position in a global organisation and got the job. Further down the line, she was having some difficulties with an existing supplier, and asked to meet up for a coffee to discuss how to resolve the issue. They had four business critical hires to make; I went on to fill three of them over a two month period and am now one of their main suppliers.”

Paul Jenkins

Paul’s McQuaig profile describes him as an enthusiast who is deliberate, logical, persistent and good under pressure.

He is:

  • Friendly, outgoing and optimistic
  • Careful in his approach to decision-making
  • Able to adjust to change and keen to see variety in his work
  • Ready to keep going at things until he gets results

However, people with Paul’s profile:

  • Like to be liked and can let emotions sway their decisions
  • Like change and may become bored with the status quo
  • Prefer to do the work themselves, rather than delegate

Paul’s favourite recruitment story

“An employer that I phoned out of the blue accepted my call and surprised me by saying “We don’t use agencies. But if we did, you’d be the first person I would call.” It turned out that, in the employer’s own words, her daughter was “difficult to place”, because she had a learning difficulty. I was the only recruiter who had treated her daughter with respect – and had gone on to find her a job in which she was very happy.”

Our Values


We have a breadth of industry experience that will surprise and engage you.

We support every client’s journey with a helpful and encouraging attitude.

Making a difference
We aim to make a positive impact on our clients’ lives, by helping them find the ideal role or talent they are searching for.


We are creative in how we approach clients and customers, and innovative in the ways we find the best candidates.

We use a range of tools and connections to help our clients.

We go the extra mile to deliver success.


We work as part of a team in order to help our clients access greater opportunities.

Focused on Results
We do not ‘over-promise and under-deliver’. We are organised, set measureable milestones, proactive, competitive and have a strong desire to succeed.

We build fruitful, long-term relationships with our clients, whether they are jobseekers or employers.